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 1700 Entire from "London" to "Temple Barr on October 10th 1700 with a superb early BISHOP Mark OC/10front a three lined address with a manuscript '2' charge  very nice item!.......
Ex Tax:£85.00
1759 entire with a fine "DOCKWRA" Cancel to "London"   (The Foundling Hospital) on July 19th 1759 "Dockwra Cancel of the "General office" 'Paid/Penny/Post/G/MO  (General office will 336 Type 4......a fine example!......
Ex Tax:£195.00
1760 entire with a fine "DOCKWRA" Cancel from "Oxhay" to "London"   (The Foundling Hospital) on 29th October 1760 "dockwra Cancel of the "Temple office" 'Payd/Peny/Post/T/FR with the signature of the receiver 'Hanson'........Temple office will 357a Type 4........
Ex Tax:£145.00
1764-68 Wrapper witha straightline "BRECKNOCK" Welsh cancel  with a London "Bishop" mark 22/OC (59x7 Will 346 Rarity "D")addressed to Mr Chester to be left at the Roll's coffee house in chancery lane a fine early welsh item!....  ..
Ex Tax:£120.00
 1792 Entire from "Chester" to "Rochdale|" on 21st September 1792 with a very fine "CHESTER" Horseshoe CancelCancelled  Twice! (23x5 Rarity "D" wills 109).........
Ex Tax:£45.00
 1802 Wrapper from "Chester" to "London" on 5th May 1802  with a very fine "CHESTER" circle date cancelWills CH123 Rarity E-F)......
Ex Tax:£65.00
 1826 Entire sent from "Wincanton" to "Sturminster" on 7th July 1826 with avery fine boxed 'No3' receivinghouse hand stamp on the front and a "Shaftesbury/5th Clause Post" on the reverse (County Type F) ..
Ex Tax:£95.00
 1827 Entire sent from "Yeovil" Somerset to Marston" on May 25th 1827  with a very fine strike of "Yeovil/125 Handstampwith a Manuscript '8' (will1062).......
Ex Tax:£35.00
 1833 Entire from "Stalbridge" to "Shaston" Dorset with a fine boxed "Shaftesbury Penny Post" Hand stamp anda boxed No7 receiving house hand stamp dated 24th March 1833 (Will 458 43x12)..........  ..
Ex Tax:£45.00
 1838 Entire "Shrewsbury" to "Ellesmere" on 7th February 1838 with a fine CDS (29mm) foe "Shrewsbury" with arcson a letter pre-paid at the double rate to "Ellesmere" as the letter was posted too late, a "too late" stamp was applied......
Ex Tax:£20.00
 1838 Early  envelope "Woolpit" through "Bury St Edmunds" to "Ludlow" on the face a fine Red handstruck FREE dated June 19th 1838on the reverse superb black "WOOLPIT" circular local handstamp on the reverse" Bury St Edmunds" CDS..........
Ex Tax:£45.00
 1843 Entire from "London" to "Somerset" with a very fine "York st M le Bone & 1d Paid two line hand stamp witha RED double Ring "Tombstone" paid stamp for 7th March 1843 and "Bridgewater CDS on reverse for 9th March........
Ex Tax:£65.00
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